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    5 Steps to Transition Your Child to Natural

      Making the choice to stop relaxing your child’s hair is an amazing opportunity to teach your child about self love, their natural beauty, and how to love and care for their hair properly. If you’ve been wondering exactly what you need to do to transition your child to having gorgeous natural hair, keep reading! 1.Do your Research It is imperative that you understand how to take care of your child’s hair before you begin the process. Natural hair and relaxed hair is very different. Natural hair requires a ton of love, care and detangling! Do your research first. Youtube will be a great help to you along with checking out…

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    4 hairstyles you need to try this festive season

      Come August, and it’s time to prep your wardrobes for the onslaught of weddings and festivities (think Ganesh Chaturthi, Diwali and Eid). This season, pay special attention to your hairdos to match your stunning ensembles. Simply brushing your hair back and going for a laid-back top-knot may have been en vogue last year but this year’s festivities deserve that little extra effort. For that added impact, get your hands on the Moroccanoil® Treatment, a conditioning, styling and finishing tool, that your hair absorbs instantly, giving you that luminous shine and silky perfection. This transforms your hair completely, giving you dramatic results. Formulated with Moroccanoil’s signature Argan oil, this hair…

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    NEW bargain beauty buys for summer!

    Want to look good and save money? Let’s be honest – who doesn’t? Lucky for you there are lots of new, affordable products launching this summer, including beauty buys and haircare to make you feel a million dollars. Here are our favourites, all under a tenner. Mavala Bubble Gum Collection, £5.20 each Get those piggies holiday ready with a splash of neon bright nail varnish! You can’t fail to feel cheered up by one of these vibrant colours, and we always love that Mavala products are small enough that you can use the whole bottle without waste.   T-Zone Rose Gold Peel Off Mask, £4.99 Set to launch in July,…

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    Amp up your haircare routine with these frizz-fighting hair masks

    The dreaded F-word of haircare concerns is no picnic to deal with, especially when you factor in the daily toll that ever-escalating levels of pollution and humidity has on your strands. Preeti Singh, director, Rock Paper Scissor Salon, explains the connection between the two. “The different products that our hair is subjected to daily strip away the moisture from the shaft, which compels your hair to seek moisture from the humidity in the climate. This leads to the formation of hydrogen bonds between water molecules and proteins, which is why you’ll find that you have a hard time holding a blow-dry in place once you step outdoors,” she says. Helping…

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    How to Stretch your Natural Hair Using the Airplaning Technique

      One of the most common curly girl issues (if you can call it that) of them all? SHRINKAGE! It’s a constant battle — while yes, many naturals love the unique look of tight curls and coils and love the versatility that comes with shrinkage (it can be a blessing in disguise…), it’s easy to become frustrated when you’re hair refuses to let you show off your length when you want to. By now, there must be hundreds of ways to stretch your hair — especially with heat styling. But what about stretching curls without the use of heat? While drying time takes far longer without the use of heat…it can…

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    10 Tips to Prevent Single Strand Knots and Tangles

      As a child, I clearly remember my mom combing my hair, and feeling a sudden surge of pain run through my scalp once she found a knot. Ugh! It was the worst. Now that I’m older, I still find myself having to gently pull at my ends to get rid of these blooming knots. Well not anymore. I’m over hurting myself all in the name of beauty. I started to implement these simple tricks that have made all the difference, and if you want to rid yourself of pesky tangles-I suggest you start following these rules as well.   Rule #1 Moisturize! Moisturize! Moisturize! You should be moisturizing your…

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    5 Benefits of Pre-pooing Natural Hair

      Pre-poo or pre-shampooing is excellent for helping to grow and condition natural hair. Pre-pooing is basically prepping your hair to be washed as well as adding a little bit of extra conditioning to it before the shampoo and conditioner is added. Pre-pooing can aid in restoring, and strengthening hair as well as length retention. Here are 5 benefits of pre-pooing your natural hair. 1. Adds Shine  It is no secret that curly hair can lack shine. The natural oils our hair produces can take a longer time to travel down curly hair strands than straight hair causing natural hair to be more prone to dryness. Pre-poo treatments can help add…

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    The serum that all the beauty bloggers are talking about!

    The Proaura Vitamin C Serum with Astaxanthin delivers fresh-faced skin in just three days – it’s no wonder it has beauty bloggers abuzz! As we edge our way into the depths of winter, the question of how to maintain a healthy, bright, fresh-faced glow is top of mind – enter Proaura Vitamin C Serum with Astaxanthin. Combining 20% skin-boosting benefits of vitamin C with Astaxanthin, the latest superstar ingredient of the skincare world, this serum promises to transform a dull, tired complexion into one that boasts a youthful radiance – within just a few days of application. Touting the dramatic effects this powerhouse of a product produces, one online beauty…